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One of the most significant challenges organisers and agencies have is the management of resource.  How to balance long-term business lead in times, client management and event delivery with staff continuity and conflicting event scheduling can be a juggling act!


Global Association Partners provides a flexible expert resource to organisations who may require and benefit from short or long term contracted resource solutions. Whether you have the need for an outsourced solution for; managing a complete project, staff training, client management, consultancy, project implementation or simply an extra pair of experienced hands onsite, Global Association Partners can help.


For organisers located overseas and operating inbound into the UK, we can act as an extended short or long term member of your team. With an understanding the specific regulatory and legislative environment that applies when deliverying international events in the UK, we can help navigate and administer relevant procedures.


With an extensive supplier network and experience in managing events in most of the UK’s major conference venues, we bring the added value of local knowledge to support your teams' delivery or to represent your business.



Global Association Partners is a trading name of Confconsult LLP is a company registered in Scotland No. SO305015


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