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Mike Kimmons CB

Chief Executive of the British Orthopaedic Association


Mike’s first career was in the Royal Navy, where he served in warships around the globe and specialised in operational logistics.  He also spent 12 years in various Ministry of Defence appointments, gaining invaluable insights into Whitehall influencing skills.  


In 2010 he joined the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) as CEO, charged with a mission of rejuvenation.  Since then membership has flourished - largely due to a sustained focus on the delivery of high quality continuous professional development, the principal vehicle for which is the BOA’s Annual Congress.  Attendance has more than doubled from 800 to 1800:  this is not only down to CPD as a value proposition - venue selection has also had a huge influence on the numbers.  


Mike strongly believes that providing the venue and destination city:


• understand his members’ DNA (ie what makes them tick);

• the mutual benefits of BOA business;

• are prepared to be pragmatic with him and his exhibitors when the unforeseen arises;

• all three should be able to work in a seamless partnership to ensure a successful Congress that is a win, win, win.  


From his perspective, multi-year deals – when and where appropriate - help to consolidate the partnership, driving further value by enabling each party to concentrate on continuous improvement with an eye to sensible innovation


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